ChesSmart Players Rule at Low Country Scholastic

ChesSmart players won half of the trophies at the inaugural Low Country Scholastic Chess Tournament, held April 16th at Riverview Charter School in Beaufort, SC.

Christopher Hoogenboom won the over 500 section, besting 19 students from 3 states. Chris has a 19 game win streak in his last 4 tournaments.

Julian Jett from Richmond Hill, GA playing in his first USCF tourney, won 2nd place in the u-500 section.

Casey Hoogenboom, Chris’ brother, won the 3rd place trophy in the u-500 group. Not bad for a kindergarten boy.

Other ChesSmart u-500 finishers were Nathan Welch placing 7th, Noah Caplinger, finishing in 8th and Palmer Fisher getting the 9th spot.

William Davidson, Daniel Millett and Chappel Doctor also scored in the tournament.

ChesSmart coach, Michael Kruse said “I am proud of all my students, but it was tough watching them play each other. One of my chess moms told me when that happens I should just root for the youngest!

Great job to students and parents!

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