Learn Chess from the man that played the world champion!

Michael J.Kruse is the founder,owner and operator of ChesSmart. Mr. Kruse had the honor of battling Garry Kasparov, the highest rated player in history in a 1998 15-game simultaneous exhibition in Phoenix, AZ. Kruse fought the champion for 32 moves, one of the best performances of the 15 participating players. Kruse has been a member of the US Chess Federation for decades, a tournament director, chess center owner and tireless promoter of a game he is “hopelessly in love with.” He has been the president of both the Savannah and Hilton Head Chess Clubs and secured the locations for both clubs. He has won over a hundred US Chess Federation matches and tournament prize money in three states.

ChesSmart is the interactive, innovative, award-winning scholastic chess curriculum that has introduced chess to thousands of area students. Our students have won dozens of local, regional and state tournaments. More importantly, students have show significant academic improvement, better behavior, critical thinking and creativity.  The curriculum teaches USCF rules, chess opening principals, mid-game tactics, end game theory and short algebraic chess notation. We also incorporate cultural studies, sportsmanship training, nutrition and the important role of chess in American History.

For over a decade, ChesSmart teachers have taught the world’s greatest critical thinking game at dozens of the finest educational venues. These include Georgia Southern University, Savannah Country Day, Savannah Christian, The JEA, The YMCA, Beaufort Academy, St Andrew’s, St. Peter’s, Riverview Charter School, Savannah Arts, Bryan County Community Education, Coosa Elementary, Chatham Academy, SW Middle, De Renne Middle, Hilton Head Prep and others.

Students say: “Mr. Kruse rocks.” “I learned a lot.” “Chess is fun.” “The teacher was nice, well-organized and taught very well.” “I hope you come back next year.” “Mr. Kruse is the best teacher.” “I beat Caroline in 4 moves right after he taught it to the class.”

Parents say: “My son made the honor roll for the first time, due to chess!”
“My sons used to fight in the car back seat. Now they play chess!”
“I’ve learned a lot about chess (from my son). Gabriel was thrilled (with) the chess tournament! God bless you and your work!”

School Administrators: “ChesSmart is new, exciting, rare and necessary!”  Tompkins Middle School After-Care Program Director

“…outstanding..” –St. Andrew’s Headmaster

“..a wonderful week…..great for our 7th grade boys.”–Savannah Christian  Headmaster–

“…I was very impressed with the quality of your camp and the enthusiasm our students expressed…”  Savannah Country Day Summer Program Director

Doesn’t your student deserve ChesSmart.  Please say “Yes to chess.”

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