THIS is how ChesSmart makes a difference!

I just finished teaching a six hour ChesSmart class at Claxton Alternative School in Claxton, GA.  The top player on the team missed the first class because a fire caused his house to burn down!

He came to the next class and led his team to a second place finish at the GA Alternative Schools Chess Tournament!  The school social worker and chess coach e-mailed me the following:

“Your instruction  gave my students the tools they needed to play competitively and skillfully against the top alternative school chess teams in GA. After only two lessons their confidence, self esteem, love of chess, AND SCHOOL (his emphasis) has visibly increased.

One of his at-risk students told him “Mr. Wilkey, I was thinking about quitting school. Since I joined the chess club, I think I’ll stick around until I graduate.”

One of the finest compliments I have ever received!

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2 Responses to THIS is how ChesSmart makes a difference!

  1. This is so awesome..My son went to this school when he was younger and it is a great place for those kids who need a little more discipline than a normal school can give. So glad to jear about this new program to help them

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